6 Unusual Ways to Incorporate Plants Into Your Living Room Decor

Admittedly, having live plants in your living room can be a little bit tricky. After all, we’re not known to be the most responsible of housekeepers.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the green life just because you don’t know how to properly care for your new fern or succulent!

Check out these six unusual ways to incorporate plants into your living room décor. You just might find an idea that works for you!

But first,



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The variety of plants available today is greater than ever, which means homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to decorating with greenery.

While living rooms are usually associated with design styles that favor minimalism, you can easily add a touch of green without going overboard by incorporating unconventional plant arrangements and garden-inspired accents.

Whatever your personal style, there’s a plant for every room in your home. Consider adding one or two throughout your house for maximum impact.

Be creative! That’s half the fun! Here are some ideas on how you can display plants in your living room



Making your own wall mounted plant stands is one of my favorite DIY home improvement projects. It’s super easy, doesn’t require a lot of tools and it looks great.

All you need is wood and some basic hardware to create these stylish standouts for your indoor plants! If you are short on space like I am, then you can easily mount a few hooks over your living room window sill or in another small nook (don’t forget those hanging baskets!)

The most expensive part of making these is buying all new plants for them!

Great use for all those extra houseplants. Who knows? You may even be inspired to start growing some extra greenery around your home…just in time for summer.



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While most people use their flowers as decoration, you can create a stylish vase or pot that can be used as a lamp shade.

Use branches and leaves in creative ways to transform an ordinary plant into something beautiful. You can even buy flower pots designed specifically for lamps if you want!

This is an easy and affordable way to incorporate plants into your living room décor.



A plant doesn’t need a special side table just for itself. If you have an extra table sitting around, use it as a mini-garden display.

Just make sure to clean it regularly—no one wants a dirty coffee table! Pot side tables are more than quirky decoration pieces; they can also add extra seating if needed and make your living room look bigger.

For example, you could place two on opposite sides of your sofa.

Not only do they show off your beautiful greenery, but they also act as convenient surfaces for drinks and snacks when entertaining guests.

And, as you might have guessed by now, don’t limit yourself to regular ole’ pots—use any kind of container or pot you want!



If you’re trying to incorporate more greenery into your living room, try adding a few plants on your bookshelves.

The effect is clean and sophisticated, and it’s easy to keep up. Just make sure that you don’t use cacti or other prickly plants that could damage your books.

Also, if you live in an area with high humidity (like Florida), it might be best to avoid putting potted plants directly on wood shelves.



Another fun option is taking your plants and hanging them from your ceiling. This is also very simple and can provide great visual interest in any room.

You can simply take a fishing line or even a thin piece of rope and attach it to hooks you can mount on either side of your ceiling where you want to hang plants.

Another option is using chandelier hooks which will allow you to hang your plants anywhere within a certain distance that those chandelier hooks are able to support. In addition, you’ll be adding much needed greenery into a space otherwise filled with standard looking lighting.


Looking for a way to give an old vase new life?

Use clay or plastic plant-planter trays, fill them with potting soil and place on top of your favorite vases. These home decor hacks are great for storing jewelry, accessories and more.

The best part? No mess and no damage done when you decide it’s time for a change! If you want something that looks even better than reusing a single container, try filling multiple smaller containers together in one larger planter.

It will create a beautiful layered effect that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. If you have limited space, use small pots as end tables or coffee table decor by placing one in each corner of your living room or bedroom.

You can also use larger pots as centerpieces—just be sure they don’t block any major walkways so guests can easily get around them during events like parties and weddings!

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