Low Calorie Drinks For Diabetics


If you’re a diabetic, you know that what you drink plays a huge role in your health. That’s why it’s important to choose healthy drinks that won’t raise your blood sugar levels.

For starters, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. This will help you avoid fatigue, irritability, and low energy levels.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine can be a great low calorie drink for diabetics as it is relatively low in sugar. There are several different types of sparkling wine, and the method that is used to make them depends on the region where they are made.

Some of the most popular sparkling wines include Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and Trento DOC. These wines are a great choice for mixed drinks like mimosas and bellinis because they have large bubbles and a fruity aroma.

Aside from being a great option for mixed drinks, sparkling wine also makes a great aperitif or with a light dish that has some sweetness to it. The bubbles in these wines help clean the palate and can easily pair with a variety of cuisines, making them a great option for a wide range of parties and occasions.

There are several ways to drink sparkling wine, but some people prefer to use a flute to get the most out of it. While a flute is ideal for most sparkling wines, some may want to try drinking it from a wider tulip-shaped glass.


The Mojito is a refreshing, light summer drink that can be enjoyed by diabetics. It’s a tasty blend of lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves, and it contains less than 100 calories per serving.

This classic cocktail is made with rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and mint. It’s easy to make and is perfect for the summertime.

The origins of the Mojito can be traced back to a 16th-century medicinal drink named El Draque, which was composed of aguardiente (a cane-spirit precursor to rum), lime and sugar. It was probably a popular remedy among African slaves who were working in the Cuban sugar cane fields at the time. The drink was eventually turned into a beverage with the creation of Bacardi rum in the 1800s.


When you drink, you want to choose drinks that are low calorie and will not increase your blood sugar. These can be drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, water and herbal teas.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends zero-calorie drinks because they can help prevent a spike in your blood sugar levels. Many low-calorie sodas are also caffeine free and have no artificial sweeteners, which is a good thing for people with diabetes.

A classic martini is made with London dry gin and dry vermouth. The ratio of gin to vermouth can vary, from a 2:1 to up to 5:1, depending on your preference.

Martinis are a bit intimidating to those who have never tried them before, as they require attention to detail in order to achieve the perfect balance of strength and clarity. Generally, it is best to stir the drink rather than shake, as it will help you achieve a silky mouth feel while also keeping the dilution consistent.


The American Diabetes Association recommends that women limit their alcoholic beverages to one drink per day and men two drinks or less. When deciding what to sip on, it is best to avoid sugary concoctions and choose low calorie mixed drinks that have little or no added sugar.

The gin rickey is a great example of a low calorie drink. It contains only about 115 calories, about 1 carbohydrate and a tiny amount of sugar and sodium.

Gin is a low calorie liquor that is also gluten free, so it can be an ideal choice for diabetics. Mix it with a dash of lime juice for a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail.

The rickeys are fun to make as well. They are an excellent way to add some color and flavor to any gin or vodka. For a more impressive beverage, try mixing it with ice cold club soda or a splash of soda water.

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