Baby Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas


A baby girl bedroom is a wonderful place to nurture your child and give her a comfortable space to grow. There are many cute and creative ideas to make a baby girl’s room look special.

The first step is to choose the right color for the walls and furniture. Gray is a versatile and clean color. Cool shades of gray usually go well with pink and white.


Wallpaper is a great way to add depth, texture and warmth to your baby girl bedroom decor ideas. There are so many different styles and patterns available that you’re bound to find the perfect one for your nursery or bedroom.

If you’re planning on decorating your daughter’s room with wallpaper, consider choosing a pattern that will grow with her as she grows into a young woman. That way, the design can easily be changed as her tastes evolve, and the wallpaper will last a long time.


Play-mats are a great way to provide a safe, clean space for babies and toddlers to play on. They’re also a nice decor addition in a nursery or living room.

There are two different styles of play mats: some are modular and split into tiles, while others are one-piece mats that fold or roll up when not in use. We recommend choosing a mat that’s easier to store and move around the house.


Curtains are a great way to add some character and style to your baby’s room. They also help block out light, which is especially important in a nursery.

The best curtains for your baby’s room should be durable and washable. If you’re looking for a more casual option, try cotton canvas, which is soft, machine-washable and available in a variety of solid colors and prints.

Glow-in-the-dark decorations

Glow-in-the-dark decorations are a fun way to bring a sense of whimsy to your child’s room. You can paint a mural with rainbows, princess castles or popular cartoon characters.

This wall mural is so easy to make, it’s one of those baby girl bedroom decor ideas that can grow with your daughter into her teen years. Simply swap out the rag dolls with photos of her friends and she’ll be as enchanted by it now as she was when she was a young girl.

Ambient lighting

One of the best ways to create a magical and whimsical space is by selecting lighting that looks like it’s dancing across the ceiling. This kind of pendant light is available in an array of shapes, sizes and colors to suit any style of nursery.

Baby’s room is often an area of the home that requires a lot of ambient light. It’s crucial to provide a soft glow so your little one won’t be too distracted by the harsh overhead lights during morning or afternoon routines.

Bedside tables

If you want to add some style to your daughter’s bedroom, consider adding a bedside table. These furniture pieces have a variety of uses, from providing extra storage to displaying decor and lighting.

If your girl loves to read, keep her favorite books within reach on a stylish nightstand. These tables are available in many colors and finishes, so you can coordinate them with the rest of her room.

Another great way to bring the outdoors into your little one’s bedroom is with plants or flowers. These are a budget-friendly option and look completely realistic.


Mirrors are a great way to add decor to a baby girl’s room. They also can help the room look bigger, as they reflect light back to the ceiling and windows.

If you want to create a fun and whimsical atmosphere, opt for an ornate mirror with floral frames. This is especially great for little girls who love princesses and fairy tales!


A baby girl will love toys, so it’s important to create a space that encourages imaginative play. Toys can be stored in drawers, cupboards or wicker baskets.

If you’re looking for a baby girl bedroom decor idea that doesn’t follow a traditional pink theme, try painting a wall with ice-cream pastel shades. It’ll be a fun and inexpensive way to decorate a room, and it will grow with your daughter as she grows up.

Shelving units are a great way to add a reading nook to a baby girl bedroom. Instead of putting them against the wall, face them towards each other for a secret den.

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