Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Walls


You can easily update your bedroom walls without spending a lot of money. Just be sure to keep your furniture relatively neutral, so you can easily change up your style when the mood strikes.

Add a splash of color, texture and personality to your bedroom with wall art. There are many inexpensive options like photographs, posters and even unique one-of-a-kind pieces you can find online.

Paint a single wall

Painting a single wall can be a cost-effective way to update your bedroom and give it a fresh, new look. It can be done over a weekend and can save you the time, effort and money of hiring a professional.

The key to choosing the right paint color is to choose a color that works well with your room’s furniture and accessories. Darker colors can make a space feel cozy, while lighter shades may help the room appear more spacious.

If you want to create a focal point, consider painting one of the walls with architectural details such as a fireplace or built-in bookcases. This will draw your eyes to that area and keep them traveling around the room, which is ideal for a bedroom where you are trying to make the space feel bigger.

Alternatively, try painting a series of narrow picture ledges to go above the bed. This will make it easy to change the artwork that you choose, since you can switch the ledges out as needed.

Wallpaper the drawer fronts

If you want to give a plain white dresser a makeover, wallpaper the drawer fronts. You can use small-scale patterns or a mix of bright contrast shades.

Before you start, measure the area you plan to cover with wallpaper so you know how much paper to order. You won’t need to be exact, but you should leave about an inch of overhang on each side of the drawer fronts.

Apply the wallpaper with a spray adhesive or wallpaper paste, following the directions on the container. Using the carpenters square and craft knife, trim the edges of the drawer fronts so they are flush to the wallpaper.

Once the drawers are finished, add upholstery tack trim to the top and bottom to frame the wallpaper and create a professional finish. If you like, add a piece of wood trim to the back and sides as well. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to update the look of a piece of furniture!

Create a focal point

A focal point is a must-have in any well-designed room. It can be a large piece of furniture, a dramatic painting or even a statement light fixture.

A focal point focuses the eye and creates an inviting environment for the people who live in the space. It also makes the rest of the decor work better together and help the room look more harmonious.

In a bedroom, the best focal point can be a lovely window that floods the space with natural light. A grouping of windows is also a great way to set the tone for a room’s design.

You can use a variety of techniques to make your focal point stand out, including contrasting colors, rearranging furniture and painting the wall. The key is to find a way that fits your personal style and works with the other items in the space.

Paint the ceiling

The ceiling is often a neglected part of a room’s decorating scheme. But if you’re willing to paint it, it can make a space feel more expansive and spacious.

According to interior designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina V Gentry, painting the ceiling can alter the spatial feeling of a room and create an overall look of grandeur that will be remembered by guests.

In addition, it can help to mask more flaws and stains than plain white. This is especially true of ceilings that tend to collect cigarette and cigar smoke, cooking splatters, insects, and water spots from rain and humidity.

If you want to paint your ceiling, consider using a primer first. This helps the paint to stick and prevents stains from settling in.

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